Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Untitled prayer part two....


 Father of all things good and glorious
You who who only does wondrous things,
Be wonderful today.
Shower your mercies today.
Pour over us the beauty of Your holiness.
Rain over us the joy of Your salvation.
Breathe into us Your love divine.
Let us exhale Your wisdom onto the earth.
Teach us the way that we should go,
That we may never depart from it.
Let us not fall into the claws of evil,
But let us rest tenderly in Your hands.
Outside of You, we are left wanting.
Inside of Your presence, we have a kingdom.
Divine One.
Absolute One.
Oh Holy God of Israel.
We invite You in.
Secure our place in history,
As part of your nameless, faceless generation,
Called to serve a mighty King.

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