Thursday, November 11, 2010

And They Fell In Love...

 She has to remind herself to breathe
She forgets what she's saying in the middle of her sentence

Her thoughts are wrapped up in your smile

You are all she sees now

You are in everything she lives now

You are the pillow she lays her head on

The mercy she wakes up to

When you close your eyes, you see her face

The pink of her lips has become your favorite color

Your heart skips when she says your name

 Your eyes are the only song she remembers

Her laugh is your melody

Your heart is an ardent river
She has forever changed its current

Her heart is an everlasting candle

Nothing  can quench her flame

She is a light that shines

You are the one she burns for.

-Amanda Harman

( I dedicate this one to my favorite ladies and their favorite men. I only pray to be half as blessed in my pursuits of love. )


  1. That is simply beautiful! I sure hope it's a song.

  2. I miss my fiance :(