Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Open Letter to the Man I Love...

Sometimes I think about you.

The invisible "you" that exists in a world elsewhere. A world that lives in the place in my heart that still believes dreams come true and hope wins. Its small and its quiet but its still alive. Its still desires. It still sits in awe of the joy of possibility.

Sometimes I try to imagine a life where you live and breathe right next to me.

A life where you and I are one body. A life where I won't question if I'll ever see you because I'll see you. I won't question if I'll know you because I 'll know you. I won't question if you love me because I'll know you love me. I'll hear you say it aloud. I'll hear you whisper it in my ear.

I'll own it. That love will belong to me. And mine will belong to you. It does.

Sometimes I think about all the children we will bring to Truth.

 I think about the songs we will sing with them. I think about the triumphs and the struggles. I think about their faces. I think about their names. I think about how much they will look like you. I think about how good a mother I will be.

Sometimes I think about home.

I think about what that means and what it looks like to live there...with you. I think about the sounds. I think about the way the floor would feel beneath my bare feet. I think about the colors. I think about the textures. I think about the feasts we will have at our table.

But most of all, sometimes I wonder who this letter is for.

A man who lives and breathes in this world.

A man who lives and breathes in the next.

Maybe both.

Maybe One.

If the first, it will be my pleasure to finally know you.

If the last, come Lord.