Monday, March 5, 2012

I have Something to Say...

So the other day I went to Starbuck's to contemplate my life. You know, cause Starbuck's is the birthplace of deep introspection. There was a lovely young man there named Joshua who was working behind the counter. He inquired about what I was doing that day and I shared with him my plans to sit outside with my latte and ponder my options....or in reality, sit outside and freak out at the possibility that I have made yet another epic failure in moving back to Nashville. 

He began to ask me a series of questions, rather intense and in your face questions about what I was looking for. I was really struggling to answer because I wasn't sure how to explain to this man that there is a difference between a job and a calling and I'm not sure how to do both so what I'm looking for is to somehow find a job that let's me do what I'm called to do and pays me money so I don't starve to death.

After a few minutes of letting me squirm, Joshua looked me dead in the eye and very firmly asked, "What are you called to do?"

Well there you have it. He did get it after all.

"I know I'm called to minister to women."

He smiled and said "Then do it!"

I quickly launched into my parade of reasons why I can't really do it because of blah blah blah blah.

He just looked at me and said "If God is calling you to do something than you just need to do it." it really just that simple?

"So if you could say anything to these women, what would you say?" He asked.

His question caught me so off guard I stumbled a bit over my answer.

"Well...I...uh...would say...what makes you beautiful has nothing to do with how you look, dress or act. That you are called to the beauty of holiness. I would say you are more than what society tells you you are. You are not an object....that Jesus loves you and has plans for you. I want to love battered and broken women. I want to show them that they are more than what's been done to them.....yeah."

And there it is. My mandate spoken out loud in the middle of Starbuck's.

He just looked at me and said, "Then say that. Do it now."

Okay then.

Woman of the world. Jesus loves you.... even broken down, beaten up, pushed around, weary and lonely. He wants you to know you are beautiful because you are made in His image. There is nothing  or no one in the world that can create that beauty for you. Its a gift freely and supernaturally given by a great big God who is greater than this world's perception. He has plans for you. His intentions are honorable. He wants to pursue and woo you. He adores you. There is nothing more wonderful in this world than Him. 

You need to know that sexuality does not define you. Neither does how much makeup you have on or how good your hair looks. Its not how successful you are or how good a mother you are. Its not how creative or talented you are. Its not even how amazing of a wife and a friend you are. Its so simple.

You are loved and wanted  because He chose you. He designed you for such a time as this. Your value and worth is simply defined but the fact that Jesus loves you and you did absolutely nothing to earn it. Its just a gift freely given so you can be free in it.

You are free to be exactly who you were created to be. You need 
no ones acceptance or approval. You are whole in His love. You are complete in His love. You are free in His love. His love is joyful and wise. Its perfect and lacking nothing. Its forgiving and accepting. Its everything you need. When your life is viewed through the lens of His love, everything is so much clearer and precious. Its what success looks like. You can do all things through Him. 

Believe me. Its true. I need it to.

So....that's what I want to say.


  1. You had something to say and I'm glad you said it.

  2. In my daughter's childrens bible there is a line in the creation story that says "God saw all that he made and he loved them. And they were lovely because he loved them." we are lovely because he loves us. Isnt it grand?

  3. yes!! amen. love you and miss you, friend!
    :) lora

  4. thank you Lora. miss you too.

  5. precious. Oh coffee, change lives one cup at time. hooray for baristas! if i ever fail at everything else I've set out to do , I will make coffee again, because it satisfied a core desire to make people's day's better, and often lead to opportunity to witness etc.

    But Joshua is right, start doing what you are called to do, doors will open. Find a job that doesn't exhaust you terribly so maybe not one where you pour into people all day long, so that you can pour into people with every minute you aren't working to put food on the table. or start a bible study, or a dinner your hhome and open your heart, things will happen.