Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Lost and aimless, sad-eyed girl
Do you see what you've become?
All minor keys to write your melody,
But your song is left unsung.

You have put your pen to page
To start a story that has begun.
You mount your steed and draw your sword
For a battle that's been won.

Wild and weary, wayward daughter,
So much love to give away.
The pleasure's fleeting, the scars are lasting.
You will never find love that way.

Your greatest gift is not your body,
What can be felt in a darkened room,
No, daughter dear, its simply this:
You're a bride who needs her Groom.

Bruised and beaten, angry wife.
Its hard to trust through all the lies,
Hard to see love when it hurts you,
Hard to see much through swollen eyes.

He left you wounded, left you scarred.
You think you are better off alone.
But there is One who knows your pain.
He has a few scars of His own.

Lost and weary, bruised and beaten,
This is not your badge of honor.
Beauty, lovely, precious, wanted
That is the mantle of the Father.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

You alone know me completely. I don't even know myself like you do. You know how many hairs are on my head. I just don't care that much. But you do. You alone love without condition or partiality. I do. But I don't want to. You alone are only capable of doing good things. I am capable of many things....most of them lead to my own destruction. You alone hold eternity in your hands. I hold nothing. But if you put your hand in mine, then I too can hold everything that matters. Be the pillar that upholds my sanctuary. Let your heart be the anchor that stills my ship, even when tempests seek my destruction. Be my family. Be my shelter. Be my nourishment. Be my everything.