Wednesday, November 10, 2010


She's been waiting for this moment.
Beads of sweat on bare skin.
But they all cringe
As if they have never felt heat before.
The season always seems to surprise them.
But she feels beautiful.
Never has she shone brigther
Never has she felt stronger.
The Sun feeds her again.

They have found use for her again.
The shade she provides from harsh light.
Children climbing on her.
She loves to hear them laughing.
Fireflies dancing through her colors.
Moonlight illuminating the unseen.
Warm nights.
A symphony of crickets playing their stringed instruments.
So alive.

She will not think of what comes next.
Maybe it won't happen this time.
She will keep her tender green.
She will not fade.
She'll never die.
She won't be barren.
There is only now.

A tire swing.
A picnic near her roots.
Fireworks light the sky. will not change.
Who would wish to end this glory?
There is only this.

Winds blow.
She dances.
She drinks the rain.
Beautiful lights flash in a gray sky.
This cannot end.
She longed for this.
Burned for this.
It must not end.

- Amanda Harman

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