Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mandy Miraculous and the Battle of Rejecto

I can be your hero baby 

I can kiss away the pain

I will stand by you forever 

You can take my breath away

-Enrique Iglesias


Deep in the heart of Music City, in a night as black as an emo kid's hair and the air as crisp as a salad, our hero, Mandy Miraculous was once again faced with her arch enemy, Lex Lucifer.

 Mandy, her fabulous suede boots firmly planted beneath her faces the bad guy before her, "Give it up,'ll never beat me!"

 Lucifer, in very unfabulous boots, sneers at her,"Oh really, Miraculous, you think so do you? Well maybe you haven't met my friend....."

  Lucifer points a long, gnarled finger. Mandy Miraculous turns to face her most fearsome foe of all since chocolate.... Rejecto,Spirit of Rejection.

 Rejecto curls his evil mouth into a hideous grin, baring his unbrushed teeth, "So Miraculous...we meet again."  

 Rejecto, the only evil doer that had ever been able to defeat her, quickly gripped Mandy Miraculous' neck so tightly he lifted her from the ground, choking the very life from her. As she struggled to retain consciousness and a good hair do,Mandy remember her secret weapon. Reaching down, she pressed the button on her belt of Truth, filling the room with a bright light, a light so intense Rejecto winced in pain and closed his eyes, at the same time loosening his grip on Mandy's neck.

She quickly kicked him in the chest, causing him to drop her and fall backwards. As she struggled to her feat, the ground began to shake.All of the sudden the floor split in two and standing before her was the most glorious sight she'd seen since Betty White....the Holy Spirit.
 Gripping his mighty sword, drove it into Rejecto's chest..... maybe it didn't go exactly like that...but a great battle has been fought and won on my behalf. But there is a second battle to be won...walking that freedom out day to day and living in its Truth. But I never fight alone..I always have a Champion at my side.

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