Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Man in the Moon....

There was a flame in the sky,
But it flickered out moments ago
And turned the sky to pink and gold.

And in what's left of the day, as the quiet hours begin,
The air feels like a secret....the moon its keeper.
I wonder what it whispers from its great heights?

I wonder if it knows the what ifs and just refuses to share them?
I wonder if it sees you...sees me...sees that mountain of possibility in between us?
I wonder if it knows the things we just can’t say?

How many times has it laughed at our almosts?
How many times has it whispered to the air, “Did you see that? They were so close...”
How many times have the two of them mocked our ignorance? 

Here we are,
Still on the path but no turns taken.
Our senses asleep but our hearts fully awakened.

So useless to look but never see.
So useless to hope but never believe.
So useless to plan but never react.

Secret moon...silent air....
When will love begin?

-Amanda Harman

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