Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Embrace Me...

I was going to write certain thoughts....about my transition from Nashville to Norwood. But things change. And so have my thoughts. This was a big change for me. I felt different. I breathed it different. I knew this was the big one....that moment when the course of your life is changed forever and there is no going back. This change has forged many things. The greatest birthed from its belly has been conversation....conversations I was long overdue having. Conversations with myself...the Lord...the church. I find myself with a renewed mind and a commissioned spirit. I feel led. That is a powerful thing. I feel believed in and supported and released to learn and train and begin the process of living my dreams out loud. I am so encouraged by a Papa who is excited to see them fulfilled. He wants me to know my purpose and walk in it. And my purpose is Him. He is my reason for being. He is what my heart longs for. He is the gift I want to give to you...to them...to the countless number of lost, broken and weary who are just looking for a little hope to cling to. How sweet it is, Father. How sweet it is.
 I have found myself so often in life desperate for the future. Saddened that my life and my dream would never collide. I still wrestle with this. But I need not. I want...I must accept the moment and really live it. The future will come without me standing there, waiting for it. There are things to be done. I will pray. I will worship. I will love my neighbor. I will honor my Father. I will live. I will not sit idly by and let the whole world move while I wallow in my doubts. I must be useful or I may not as well be at all. Remind me of this when I'm sad. Tell me these words when I'm lonely. Hold me to the hope that I must cling to. Offer to me the idea that my life is not a joke. That I was made for love. He told me Cincinnati would embrace me. I will embrace it right back.
This is my city and I am finally home.

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