Thursday, November 18, 2010

25 Random Facts About Yours Truely,

  1. My alter-ego is Gramma Bubbie....she's like a big stick a buttah.
  2. My favorite color is orange....and not road cone fall orange....i love fall colors.
  3. I sometimes turn on the QVC channel...not because I want to buy a set of knives on flex-pay....but because some of those ladies have the most soothing relaxes me.
  4. At least once a week I have a private dance party in my room with my headphones on.
  5. My favorite songs to dance to are Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake and Vivrant Thing by Q-Tip
  6. New York City saved my life
  7. I had a perm in second grade that looked like a fro... I accidentally washed it too soon.
  8. A man at Lindy's Stardust Diner sat on my lap and sang to me
  9. I was proposed to over the phone by a guy calling from a payphone next to his Camero when I was a didn't work out....he was quite a bit older
  10. I get total grossed out at the idea of sharing an ice cream cone, especially with a child
  11. I want my own tree house
  12. My favorite food in the world is Trader Joe's organic unsalted tortilla chips and their salsa verde with avocados.... I bought six bags of the chips last time I was there....just in case.
  13. My first rated R movie was Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger
  14. I played with dolls till I was 14
  15. I have a mole on my right big toe that I have had since I was a baby
  16. I have watched the movie A Mirror Has Two Faces at least 30 times
  17. My favorite song is Close Your Eyes by Jump Little Children
  18. I want to live in Ireland one day and write novels
  19. My mom wanted to name me Emily
  20. My favorite book so far has been Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers...I cried
  21. My dream car is a baby blue '57 Chevy Bel Air....but I am a pick-up truck kinda girl
  22. I prefer acoustic guitar music to almost all others
  23. I made a violin when I was a kid out of a music box, a ruler and some rubber bow was a stick I found in the yard.
  24. I was almost placed on citizens arrest by Santa Claus
  25. I once got so bored manning the phones at the Cause, I made an entire office set out of cardboard I found in the trash...including a lap top I named Return of the had an apple with a bite out of it on the was awesome.


  1. That photo is absolutely hilarious.

  2. @Lora- I miss you too!
    @ Deb- Gramma Bubbie at her finest...