Tuesday, September 10, 2013


They remark at her beauty
She is glorious in color
She attracts their eyes with her bright hues
Such a contrast to the greens of summer
She is lit up like a roaring fire
But what they see as glory, is the beginning of an ending
Death becomes her

The Sun no longer feeds her the way He used to
Nothing to carry her beauty
She is shutting down inside
She is falling asleep
 Maybe just to survive the winter
Maybe just to hide her shame
 Soon she will be naked and exposed
Nothing to hide behind
Nothing to distract
Just her crooked branches
Her tangled roots
Like curled fingers digging into the earth
Holding on for dear life

 It won't be long now
Eyes heavy
 Branches weary
See only her beauty
Remember her this way
Death becomes her

Its not just the wind

She's waving goodbye. 

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