Monday, January 14, 2013

New Eyes/New Ears/New Years...

You crown the year with bountiful harvest....even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.
Psalm 65:11 NLT

So let's just say I was beyond ready to kick 2012 out the door. It had become that annoying house guest that was hanging around just a little too long. I had such high hopes for it. It started out so promising. I moved. I got a grand new job. I started this blog. I helped a few people. I made some new friends. But somewhere along the way, I got real lost and stayed there. I was like a sad little kid at Walmart who's lost sight of their parent and is wandering around yelling "Mommy?". And I neglected you. I'm sorry. I guess I was afraid I would do more harm then good when my heart was all cloudy. But I'm making a comeback. 2013 is actually beginning to look promising. I'm keeping my expectations low and my hopes high. Anything can happen. This could possibly the greatest year of my life. But I guess hat's really up to me. Its all in how I choose to see it. 2012 was so hard. One of the hardest years yet. I know in my heart it was hard for a I could appreciate all the goodness about to come. You don't appreciate the sunlight as much until you've spent months in a monsoon. I promise I will talk to you more, friend. No matter what, I'll tell you things. Things I've never told a soul. Together, we will spend this year walking the floor of God's heart and find the perfect place to rest. Together, we will welcome this new year with eager expectation that we will fail often and shine all the brighter for it. Together, we will ask questions and seek truth. I want to engage with 2013 not as just another year, but as another mile added to this road He has paved before us. Lets embrace this year with all the zeal we posses and all the trust we can muster. Let's see what happens when we stop plotting and start living our stories out loud. I'm posting below the lyrics to New Year's by Tim Coons. I want to see them as sort of a prayer. As I usher in 2014, I want to say this was the map I followed to get there....

"This has been a year of falling in love
And I'm taken by your story
Turning through the pages so tightly bound
Each one spun with wonder for me....

This has been a year of opening my eyes
I have been waking up to skylines
And you sing revolution wherever you come
And your song is water to wine...

How deep, how far, how high?
How vast, how broad, how wide?
Across my greatest divide

I know your love will drive...

I know the moment you arrive..."


  1. i'm excited about a new year too! 2012 was a doozy. let's agree together that 2013 will be an amazing year or breakthrough!! love you and miss you friend! lora