Monday, April 2, 2012

10 Little Things: Spring...

  1.  All the pretty flowers start to bloom...and if you live in Tennessee, so do the weeds.
  2. EASTER CANDY!!!!!!!!!!! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM......
  3. Time to shave my legs again...bummer.
  4. Opening the windows for some fresh air.
  5. April showers....I love the rain.
  6. I am that much closer to the next season of So You Think You Can Dance?
  7. Did I mention EASTER CANDY?
  8. The stores are filled with lovely, pastel colored things that make me happy. Now, if only I had some money...
  9. EASTER CAN-...oh...wait...I think I'm gonna be sick...too much candy.
  10. Speaking of Easter...this is the time of year we celebrate the glorious work of the Cross. The debt that Jesus paid for us as the ultimate declaration of His love and His miraculous resurrection...Hallelujah.
Thank you Jesus.

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